Fish Vs Shark in Poker


A fish is a person with very little knowledge of poker. Most of the time, he / she has. Little or no how to play poker before Failure to appreciate the game and the calculation of those involved. For a fish, poker is all about the game and bluffing. It is simply a variant or cooler “Bingo” for them.


A poker shark is someone who knows his game A shark has enough experience in the game and knows the possibilities and probabilities. He knows when to play and when to bluff. But it goes so well with a solid profit in the long run.

The poker scene is alive and fruitful only in these fish. I know it’s exciting and infuriating, all legends playing at the same table to fight against the other to try and see each other to take .. Ask yourself, is it really be fun when playing against another every day, over and over again? It would not be profitable. Even if you’re at a table full of players capable of playing all levels, you know?

This is the poker fish that we all depend on the results. These are gold mines of poker. They are similar to ATMs in poker. Add money to continue as long as the poker fish support.

Well, here’s the reality. Everyone would like to start fishing. Virtually all accounts of fish is the same. They took some TV advertising in online poker site and want to play their luck. Or maybe someone you know the famous Poker and you thought it was easy.

We all like to start. We fall in love for the game and so on – be underestimated. Then, realizing our mistakes and try to work with them. This course is unique in being a good poker player. No additional summary. It is necessary at the scene of the fish before he knows a poker shark. You have the math behind poker, plans, dimensions and all opportunities and do not learn. There are a lot of if you develop your poker skills. The faster growth of a fish – the best.

Now it’s up to you. If you like fish, or if you prefer, if you want to go ahead?

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